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I'm quite busy at the moment, so if you spot what you think is a mistake - could you do me a favour and do some investigation yourself first before contacting me please.

Grades... This is how the grades works, It doesn't matter what you wrote on your card. Your grade is - whatever it says it is on the BFTA Rolling 20 at the start of the Winter league. The Winter Grades for NEFTA are available on the BFTA Website.

If you're not on the grading list or if you're on there as Ungraded A - you will be in 'U' Grade for NEFTA Shoots.
You will be re-graded (by me) after 3 Winter League results are in.

You won't be regraded if the BFTA Rolling 20 changes throughout the season.

If you're not on the BFTA Grading list and you think you should be, contact your club secretary ( Not ME! )

If you want to shoot in a higher grade than the one in the BFTA Grading list, then you need to send me a message. Writing it on a scorecard in the hope that someone spots it, won't work - I don't see the scorecards unless there's a specific problem.

I've gone through the BFTA Grading list and updated everyone's grade - there's every chance I might have made a mistake of course, but please CHECK before you contact me please.

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