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I can cut this stock but it will mean cutting under the very long cheekpiece. A lot more complicated than than just cutting the bit rear of the cheekpiece.

You are right that it may be best to sell this custom FT stcok and start again with one that is more suiting to my build. At the moment I'm trying to make myself fit the stock instead of the other way around and that's wrong.

I have other 77 stocks. I can try working on them to see if I can make them fit better.

For sitting and kneeling I could just cut that inch off and fit either one of Bri's ... or any other sort and it would be fine. It's for standers. The LOP needs to go about another 1/2 to inch shorter for me to feel properly balanced. That's why I wanted to make it adjustable so I could find out exactly how short it needs to be set so it feels right.

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