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Originally Posted by neilL View Post
Scores are up!

Please check your numbers and some of you have had a Grade change (following Simon's updated spreadsheet for the Winter post-Euros). Please please for the next rounds put the BFTA number (in the Grade box or under Total or some place but not next to the chromo reading) on the card :-) Once I have the card with BFTA and (double checked total) it is very quick to generate the tables (except for the first round I have to enter the BFTA number to get the names, clubs, grades, etc, etc but it is just the BFTA number and as we progress there will be fewer new shooters at each round.

Congratulations Woody and Team "Bisley 1". Could be a closely fought season by the looks of things with such a high turnout of good shooters.

Note that for teams I award 10 for the top team (and the top score gets their team a bonus point too - not necessarily the top team). Then 9, 8, 7, but where there is a tie I give the tied teams the same number but take it back form the lower teams score. Well - it has a sort of logic and should even out over the season.

Any feedback or corrections to me please. One all looks right I will send the scores to BFTA Grading (so Simon - don't scrape them off the web site just yet!)


Thanks for the scores Neil.

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