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Default 2015 Summer Gauntlet R6 Oldham

Thanks to Oldham for hosting the final round of this years summer gauntlet series.
Mild temperatures conbined with light wind set the day up to be near perfect shooting conditions to sort out any final series positions.

Scores as follows:

Open - Paul Kelly - Clear Round 60/60
Vet - Brian Franklin
Lady - Melissa Rowland
Oddball - Piotr Jakubowicz
Bonus Bunny - Karyn Macfarlane

Full list
Name Club Score
Paul Kelly RR 60
Sam Oultram RR 59
Elliott Compton KIB 59
Justin Grice 59
Dave Benyon RR 59
Dave Ramshead RR 59
Mark Kirby FO 58
James McLachlan RR 58
Andy Jones RR 58
Rhian Jones FO 57
Dave Taylor RR 57
Brian Lewis FO 56
Gavyn Jones 56
Nigel Jones FO 55
Bill Jones FO 55
Ian Roberts FO 55
Brian Franklin FO 55
Geoff Watkinson FO 55
Mark Smith FO 55
Bert Tate FO 55
Ian Unsworth RR 55
Brian Heaps FO 54
Steve Macfarlane OL 54
Lee Meadows 54
Adrian Blicharsk 54
Roger Arnold FM 53
John Sawrey FM 53
Simon Gibson RR 53
Jim Lowery FM 52
Harry Compton KIB 52
Piotr Jakubowicz 52
Tommy Russell FM 51
Phil Breach FM 51
Mariusz Wisniewski OL 51
Melissa Rowland OL 51
Shaun Rayner FM 50
Chris Roberts FO 50
Alec Banks RR 50
Helen Kelly RR 50
Gareth Armitage OL 49
Karyn Macfarlane OL 49
Steve Oultram RR 49
Mike Everson FO 48
Steven Wild OL 48
Matt Brookes OL 47
Josh Rowland 46
Ben Rayner FM 44
Carole Roberts FO 44
Jack Rowland OL 44
Mark Millward RR 41

The marshalling team removed T24 from the competition, the target base failed and could not be fixed quickly to ensure the following shooters all had the same shot. Scores adjusted accordingly.

Thanks to all shooters for your support during the series.

Round 1 of the 2015/16 Winter Gauntlet series is on the 22nd November at Rivington's Turton Range.

As a reminder to shooters who like to use different equipment through the series, you can shoot any calibre or power source in the open class (12FPE LIMIT), but you can not shoot a .177 pcp in the oddball class. So if you specify oddball for part series and open for part series you may not have enough qualifying rounds in either competition - in this case you may be better having your non .177 pcp (oddball) scores added to your open class scores.
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