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I have not had any POI shift with mine, which is from the first production run, but I will check it.

Likes: Trigger, accuracy, adjustability, robustness, butt pad (which is wonderful).

Dislikes: Silly small adjustment screws on the stock, which I mentioned in my review in Gun Mart.

Will it make a reasonable FT rifle.... No. That was my original reason to buy, I was looking to get back to FT and HFT and thought I may be able to use one rifle, but it is just too light, and sticking a big Nikko scope on top makes it top heavy and unstable.

But, the fix is pretty easy, Tench has already done it and I will be doing mine over the winter. You can get a 325mm air tube from Knibbs which is a straight screw on replacement, then by adding a moderator or barrel shroud of some sort you can increase the length to suit the air tube. This combination changes the weight and balance of the rifle.

Nick Jenkinson did this to the S400 about ten years ago and it was a very cheap way of getting a competitive rifle, the Beeza has the added advantage of a regulator.

I have been using mine for HFT, and considering I have not practiced anything like enough, when I eventually remember how to range by eye, I knock down lots of targets as in the field it is a very accurate and predictable rifle.

If you've been offered a good rifle at a sensible price, I'd say buy it, shoot it and modify it to suit your needs.
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