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It is an excellent rifle for the money with far more features and adjustability than other comparably priced rifles. The sporter style pistol grip and overly shaped cheep piece are my main gripes with it, if it fits you and you can get along with these points you will be happy with it. They are not pellet fussy and as accurate as any decent rifle out of the box.
Shimming the action in the stock is an essential task that needs to be done though. to do this loosen the stock bolt and while holding both the end of the air res and barrel between finger and thumb nip the stock bolt back up, if you can feel the barrel and air res close up it needs another washer between the action and stock, when this is spaced right you wont feel the gap close up as you tighten the bolt but the action will be snug in the stock, too much shimming leaves the action loose in the stock with the bolt tight. Getting this right gives a consistent poi through the whole fill and it wont zero shift with temp or humidity changes. I have known people think they were having power issues as pellets hit lower as the pressure went down which was actually poi shift caused by the action to stock fit. Well worth spending the time to get this right!
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