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Plenty, and have it refilled when its down to 170 ish bar. Every pcp noob worries about this, and with time realises that they never actually use it from full to empty but top it up from different pressures each time. So the gun fill calculator wont be accurate as it doesn't replicate real usage. I would say you will need your bottle filling every 2 tins of pellets as working on how many shots you get to a bottle fill does take into account the varying pressures we fill from. And when you get home from shooting put your rifle away as it is with a partially used air fill, refill before you next use it, putting a pcp away filled to max pressure stresses the valves and seals far more.

If you want an accurate number of fills you would have to tell us whether the HW100 is a carbine or rifle and what pressure your dive shop can fill your bottle too. Mine only has around 265 bar when it has cooled after a fill.
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