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Default Goodbye Wife.... Hello Mistress

well ive finally gone and done it....again. The wife had always been faithful, never let me down and really excited me in the early days. She wasn't massively expensive and certainly wasn't high maintenance.Practical she certainly was. In the early days i used to think she would always be to good for me but then the doubts started to creep in........
The final straw came on Sunday, i took her out and firstly couldn't help myself but compare her butt to every one else 's and felt like i was missing out on something. Ok hers wasn't the worst butt i have ever seen, you see far worse on Jerremy Kyle and it was atleast fully functional, but just not as impressive as all the others and that annoyed me.
I got home and looked at what butt surgery would cost and to be honest it was more than what i wanted to spend on her having spent a fair amount on other cosmetic improvements.
I went to bed that night and shut my eyes after having a final look at her and knew it was the end of what had been a happy if somewhat uneventful relationship. I felt guilty because she had rescued me from 23 years of no relationship but i knew it was over. In the morning i woke up and went into her bedroom and told her its over and grabbed her a case.....

Its never really taken me long to move on when i make my mind up and the new mistress is already on my arm, infact only yesterday afternoon i had her on the bench near the woods, it was a bit cold but her performance was more than encouraging. Whilst i was using her for my own pleasure i couldnt help but think how i had gone up in the best butt stakes and now forever more wouldnt have to almost apologetically keep my hand over her butt to stop the lads from laughing. No this baby has a butt that i am proud of.
whilst we were at it on the bench, this was a big change for her because for the last six months she was more used to the plain old missionary position, but i was firmly behind her now and couldnt help keep my hands off her beautiful curves whilst keeping one eye on her butt. No sir no more missionary for her and when i had finished with her on the bench i sat down and positioned her on top of me and instantly she felt right. The wife had always been a bit fidgety in this position almost as if she was trying to get off, possibly down to her inadequate butt, but the mistress ohboy she wasnt getting off she stayed there until we were both empty.
My family have warned me that the mistress has had a bad reputation and that she could end up being trouble but i dont care, i need her to look good as well as be practical and she does tick all the boxes for now. No doubt you will see her with me soon and feel free to admire her butt and other voluptuous curves.

........... before you reach for the Kleenex the wife was my MPR FT and the Mistress is my FTP
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