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Default Unable to attend

Originally Posted by Doberman1979 View Post
1 Bill Birch (open)
2 Mitch Birch (open)
3 Mik Monaghan (open)
4 Graham Cole (open)
5 Pete Dutton (Open)
6 Will South (open)
7 Ian Clark (0pen)
8 Jamie jackson (Open)
9 Pete Sparkes (open)
10 Stuart James (open)
11 Dan McMahon (open)
12 Mick Fern (Closed)
13 Kev Clarke (open)
14 Tony Male (Ladies)
16 Simon Hilton (Open)
17 Lee Ellis (Open)
18 Kev Brooks (open)
19 Dave Taylor (open)
20 Daz Taylor (open)
21 James mclachlan (open)
22 Andy Wilson (open)
23 Gordon Burns (open
24 Nigel Smith (Open)
25 Gordon Burns (open)
26 Nick Aldridge (open)
27 Geoff Jones (open
28 Gary Anderson (open)
29 Nigel Oram. Open
30 Ginge Baker (open)
31 Ben Underhill (open)
32 Stuart Hill(Recoiling
33 Rob Lamerton (open)
34 Kev Gaunt (open)

Alarm clock set for 04:30

Sorry to pull out late but unable to attend the shoot. I do apologise but something urgent has come up and I won't be shooting for sometime..

Hope this doesn't cause any inconvenience..

Many thanks
Mark Bassett
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