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Skires is right on the money.

Shebbear started up 12 years ago and we draw our membership from a large but sparsely populated area. Concentrating on one discipline doesn't make sense for us; we have a handful of members who are keen FT and HFT competitors but they are a minority. We also cater for general plinkers, for out and out hunters who just want a place to zero their kit and to do a bit of practice now and again. We have family groups who attend for a variety of reasons. We are lucky to have a few members who can't resist buying the latest rifle or scope and somehow don't seem to sell any of it. Several members compete at indoor bench rest and LSR at county and NSRA level. In fact indoor shooting probably counts for half our activity these days.

Now and again we have club events that embrace most if not all of the various disciplines, and everyone is encouraged to take part and have a dabble at types of shooting they don't normally do. They accumulate points for each event, and we have modest cash prizes for the most points at each task.

Currently we have five qualified club instructors and we run a training programme for juniors, with about 14 attending every week.

This leads to new members coming into the various disciplines and if they like what they do they will carry on with it. We had a new recruit arrive today and she is dead keen to get up to speed at HFT and show the men how well she can do.

The bit in the mag about concentrating on HFT and not FT wasn't very well put in my opinion, however it is our experience here that the outlay for a half decent rangefinding scope is off-putting for many folk, until the FT bug has bitten them. On the other hand they can get going in HFT with almost any mildot scope on day one, for not a lot of money.

Edit: Chrisc is right, too. We were going to call our club North Devon FTC (and I still own the domain name for that) but reckoned it was too specific. Members do migrate from one discipline to another and back again.

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