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A lot of clubs that I have been to, and have been very well attended clubs, are clubs that are air rifle clubs first and not specifically FT or HFT.

I think clubs should try and run like this. Welcoming everyone and giving everyone the chance to shoot all sorts of targets sports. Even those that just want to sit around the zero range and plink and drink tea and chat.

They can have specialist weeks where you shoot FT or HFT. I really think it would be best if, at CLUB MEETS, the courses are set out so that people can shoot various disciplines ... FT, HFT, SFT, Kneeling/standing.

It's very hard trying to make a specialist course that will suit everyone but a number of local clubs do this and it's great to see people on the courses shooting all sorts of styles. If you shoot a specialist discipline then you can always use those days to practice kneelers/standers on targets that aren't challenging for your particular style.
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