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Originally Posted by Ratinator View Post
I think HFT has a much better chance of being around in 3 yrs time , especially with the mags printing in their favour.
My neighbor gave me Octobers edition of Airgun World and there's an article on starting clubs.
I quote " it's better to start a club to shoot hunter field target than ( FT)" .
I think I'll keep it in the bathroom for when I run out of velvet.
Who wrote that?:-)
Maybe it's better to start a club and call it xxxxxxx A.G.C, then those that want to try as much as possible might be drawn in, after all there's many shooters out there that have crossed from hunting, plinking, 10m, HFT and FT and then back again over the years. IMHO those that have digs at another sport without actually giving it a go are the foolish, ignorant ones.

My club is Emley Moor F.T.C but has a large H.F.T following as well. The F.T lads help with the H.F.T courses and vice BS allowed:-):-):-):-):-):-):-)
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