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Default MFTA Winter League Round 4 @ Millride

MFTA Winter League Round 4 @ Millride

The weekend came and an ulterior motive saw me heading up the motorway to visit Millride FTC for their hosting of Round 4 of the MFTA winter league.

We were promised a good course, good weather, light winds and good company. Something went wrong, we got the former and the latter, but the elementals were not playing ball. So, on we strolled onto the course. 30 shots, and there were already several leaving with close to a clearance. How hard can just 30 shots be?

Well, they weren't hard, but they were placed to play with light and shade, high and low and in wind or lull, making every single one something to think about. In a field thick with performing MFTA shooters, it's understandable why even the top shots sometimes don't make their regional team, as dropping just one or two was by no means an easy feat, yet many managed it.

So the scores are up at Farcoley FTC's site (events/results > MFTA) and whilst I wonder where it all went wrong, one thing's assured, the Midlanders are coming in force to the Inter-Regionals, and the rest of us had better start practicing!
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