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You can still shoot the Worlds if you don't qualify for the team.

There's always a great atmosphere at the Worlds and it's set to get much better in the coming years. Once you're out there it feels a lot like one big team of UK shooters anyway.

Why don't you come along and shoot the 2016 Worlds? - registration for non-team members will open in just under 2 weeks time and now they've split it into 2 sessions (springer / pcp) I'm sure that anyone that wants to shoot from whichever country will be able to get a place if you register online in a couple of weeks time.

As to whether there's any point in a poll and a discussion - well, this is a discussion forum most of the posts are pretty pointless - one more couldn't hurt

If you can't make 2016 - it's still likely to be pretty close to home for the next few years anyway.

2017 - possibly Spain?
2018 - Malta

Wales will be hosting it soon as well and so will England!!

We're well on the way to sorting out the rules and the marshalling will be first class from now on. Come and give it a go.
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