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Will Villa be relegated this season? Ouch! But yes
My posts are in no way intended to undermine the hard work of the bfta or anybody else. I know how hard these things can be I was a rep for a while in the 90's and I have seen already how far the sport has come not just in equipment but also admin.
The HFT post is clearly tongue in cheek and I will be proposing a selection change through my rep purely on the basis that I think it makes sense.
I didn't mean to be contentious and am surprised the matter seems to be a bit of a hot potatoe,
I do feel it's worth the bfta/feta discussing and if they decide to keep things as they are then that's fine.
I note that previous if not recent home international / worlds squads were selected by a wider window e.g the results of GP 1-4 in 2009 and there could be a good reason why this was changed I don't know but I dont think it hurts to ask.
I will be shooting the winter league and can't wait, I will shoot the GP, Euros, play the rider cup and the Tour de France and I still won't qualify for the euros given the level of shooting I've seen these days lol.
Good luck to all the boys in the England team as I said before anybody who qualified via the euros clearly has the talent to represent England that has never been in doubt
When I was 5 I wanted to be like George Best
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At 40 I wanted to be like Tiger Woods
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Just shows how life can kick you in the nads
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