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Originally Posted by avfc1982 View Post
Why the aggression? The only person whom I'm really bothered about qualifying did so! And via the euros. I don't see the need in the aggression and doubt anybody will be telling me to feckl off other than via a key board.
Clearly I'm not entitled to post my thoughts on an open forum or ask an open question.
I don't think any one is being aggressive!!! But I've got an idea for your next "POLL"
Will Aston Villa be relegated this season...YES or��.
Il stick my neck on the line and say "YES"...��...from what I've read you are an FT shooter returning from a long break..and you've touched on a couple of touch'e subjects 'hft v ft and now the worlds qualifiers...probably best if you actually shoot the mfta winter league and a few national shoots first before you comment to mutch on how things are run these days...���� no offense.
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