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Originally Posted by Conor View Post
I'm not picking that vibe up from any of the posts I've read? If I'm honest I'm just a bit patriotic and like to see England win at everything we do so was just wondering if there was maybe a better way of ensuring that we send our very best shooters to every world championships.
Anybody who can qualify at the Euros has the talent without doubt and that is not in question. The question remains is it possible that one of out top shooters could not be in an England team despite performing at the highest level all season long but misses the Euros through sickness or injury? The answer is yes. Is that in the best interests of an England team? The poll at the moment would perhaps suggest not.
Some of the best shots in England just don't want to attend. The team has been picked, there is an automatic 8 places per RGB. In every other country that's normally their 8 top shots( if they actually have 8 FT shooters ) cost is now an issue and recently in past couple of years many have just lost interest.

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I think it's fair to say there's a mix of reasons why some people are not taking up places they've qualified for, and Portugal with it's competition in peak holiday season in a popular holiday destination may present it's own unique issues. Certainly the practical requirement to book up early is something that many have not been able to commit to.
That's in addition to the sheer amount of work it takes to ensure you're in tip top condition to stand the best chance of maximising your ability at this level, which is something some shooters either commit to doing, or they dont attend.

That's if you don't have the ability to shoot 1/2 a tin of pellets over a season and go and clear a national course without any practice
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