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What you are proposing is the way the team was selected years ago, it was a more informal decision but was based on overall performance.

The problem with that system is that not everyone has the time / money to attend all the GP's, I remember Mick Woodhead telling me just how many miles and how much money it cost for him and James to attend every shoot.

The BFTA European Championship is a cheap (30) two day shoot that doubles as a qualifier. There are plenty of places and as has been said the conditions are very similar to a World Championship.

If you look at other sports, many have a similar qualifying process, so FT is not unique in the way the EFTA select their team, plus, as Rob has already shown in another thread, pretty much the same shooters would be on the team for 2016, regardless of which selection process had been used.

Change for change sake resolves some issues and introduces others.
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