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Originally Posted by Woody View Post
I donít mind how the qualification in the future is decided, I will try my best to be placed in the England team again. I had to pull out of the 2016 Worlds yesterday evening for personal reasons.

There are positives and negatives to both suggestions, but in my opinion the two day Euros is the closest measurement of being able to shoot under similar conditions to a three day Worlds.

You have minimal time to mentally re-group after each days shooting, unlike a series where you go away for a couple of weeks to prepare for the next shoot.
You are physically and mentally tired over a two/three day shoot.
Your kit needs to be on top form for that continuous period of shooting with no major changes to it.
You are more than likely staying away from home in a hotel for the Euros as you would the Worlds.

And so onÖ.

Many aspects of shooting the Euros will be similar to the Worlds in relation to key preparation, so maybe it is a good measure for picking the team??

P.S. Thank you to Rob F for all his hard work behind the scene for all the EFTA shooters who attend the Worlds event.

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Good post and good points of view tif, again all I say is what if you performed well all season and then at the 11th hour you couldn't shoot the euros but you've been a consistent performer? As for the similarities between euros and worlds for prep and pressure I completely agree
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