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All opinions are valid, we will have more of a mechanism for taking them on board soon. However 'picking' is the sort of term I don't feel we should have (sorry for just using your term to make a point Mart )... we have a process to deliver a team... it's set out clearly what it is ( if it's not anyone please say) anyway, it's that process that delivers a team, all the shooters have to do is simply go though it. I personally am one for saying your kit and yourself is your responsibility. Look after both of them, make sure they work to the best of your ability and put that ability to the test. The worlds, apart from being 50 targets more, is no different.

We can talk about the process, change it, tweak it, but as soon as it becomes down to personal opinion, i'm out. Because I'm not interested in debating with 2 people that i probably know fairly well, and the sport at large, why someone should go in over someone else.

We have a clear target, if you hit it better than the next person, that's your rank. Just like shooting.

I would say next year it's likely to become more rigid with a requirement to state you'd represent Team England before the qualification weekend. That doesn't mean you have to. But with the current structure we've worked hard to ensure that everyone that could make the team has been contacted and acknowledged that. However the majority still declined a place, so next year we will save the considerable time it takes to do that round and move onto the next. In that way it should take less than a week to confirm the team.

The EFTA will most likely become a sub-committee of the BFTA come end of November. We will be acting then with a mandate of the 7 English BFTA regions and reporting back to that committee, rather than asking for a vote on every decision from the current EFTA committee, so it's important the regions understand that and there is a facility to change how things are done, either with reasoned debate, or by replacement.
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