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Hi all, I have just received and fitted the FT No.9 to my X2, which they inletted especially. At first glance it is so well made I thought I might just hang it on the wall where it wouldnt be scratched or damaged lol. Anyway I cannot get over the fact that it fitted perfectly without any issues at all, something I thought was pretty impressive since it had come from almost the other side of the world!
It is heavier than the old Daystate ambi stock, but it does feel well balanced. It has the adjustable hampster, cheek piece, horizontally adjutable butt and hook in oiled sono kembong. I havent got out for a shot with it yet and I guess that will be the real test.
One thing I did find though was with the bigger stock it doesnt fit as well in the gun case which means I might have to shoot without the silencer(or remove it when I transport the rifle anywhere, and my gun cabinet needs some extension as well.
But I cannot praise the Ginb people enought for a beautiful product. A fantastic service and extremely easy to deal with.
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