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Default Emley Extreme R7 results

Great turn out and nice to see so many international visitors.. Probably one of the harder courses put out and a good job the wind didn't pick up

Due to a dead laptop it might take a week or so to get the full results on the NEFTA site. Next year we plan to have trophies to 5th in the open as a thank you to all those that support the series.

Series winners were-
Open - Chris Cundey
Rec - Steve Bowers
FT K/S- Trev Ryan

Mick Fern Open 57 Bully? yes
Chris Cundey Open 56 Bully? yes
James McLachlan Open 56 Bully? no
Andy Wilson Open 53 Bully? no
James Hesson Open 53 Bully? yes
Gordon Burns Open 53 Bully? no
Greg Morss Open 52 Bully? no
Ross o Brien Open 50 Bully? yes
Breian Shepherd Open 50 Bully? no
Jamie Jackson Open 49 Bully? no
Stephen Pearson Open 49 Bully? no
Roy Ironmonger Open 49 Bully? no
Nigel Oram Open 48 Bully? no
Stuart Webb Open 48 Bully? no
Simon Battye Open 48 Bully? no
Lee Ellis Open 47 Bully? no
Mariusz Wisniewski Open 46 Bully? no
Adrian Blicharski Open 45 Bully? no
Michal Kurdybelski Open 45 Bully? no
Steve Macfarlane Open 44 Bully? yes
Julie Stonehouse Open 43 Bully? no
Chick McGowan Open 43 Bully? no
Daeen Percival Open 43 Bully? no
Vince Hardman Open 33 Bully? no
Jason Hardman Open 14 Bully? no
Jennifer Allan Stand 36 Bully? no
Thomas oBrian 0.22 41 Bully? no
Simon Higgins FT K/S 53 Bully? no
Graham Cooper FT K/S 52 Bully? yes
Trev Ryan FT K/S 46 Bully? yes
Stephen Lindley FT K/S 44 Bully? no
John Lee FT K/S 43 Bully? no
Richard Hood Rec 47 Bully? no
Piotr Jakubowicz Rec 42 Bully? no
Steve Bowers Rec 40 Bully? no
John Bottomley Rec 40 Bully? no

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