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Originally Posted by avfc1982 View Post
Fair enough, just seems a little unbalanced that somebody who hasn't shot a "major" all year theoretically could enter the euros and place in a world championship team position at the expense of somebody who attained consistent results all year? Theoretical again but let's just say little jack was English and he had a nightmare weekend at the euros and didn't qualify would that be right? Surely it is the duty of the efta to send its best 8 members to a world championship that lets be honest were far from guaranteed to win?
One could also argue that if you can't get it together for a 2 day event, then it doesn't bode well for a 3 day event.

The EFTA is, at the moment, a collection of representatives from each region. (2 maximum from each). So it's policy is completely derived from who comes up with a proposal and who votes on it.

The decision to use the Euros was proposed by NEFTA at the final GP shoot at Far Coley September 2012, and presented to a quorum of the EFTA, seconded and voted unanimously of those present. I believe that was NEFTA, NWFTA, MFTA, CSFTA, SEFTA. I do not remember FFTA or SWEFTA reps being present.

Since then, despite the odd voice on forums posting about other ideas, there's never been anything supplied by a representative of any of the regions. So there's been no constitutional way of asking if the regions preferred something else having tried this for a few years. The EFTA has reps for a reason. They take the region's view to the committee and discuss it.

Please bear in mind, that several names are not in that team because they have decided not to be, myself included (primarily because I'd already stated I would like to shoot Piston and I don't really think changing commitments based upon results is to be encouraged). Every shooter who could have made the team was contacted after the shoot, just to make sure that no-one was left out by some communication error. Every shooter was contacted personally, and left to make a decision. But their reasons will be personal and I think that's to be respected.

The EFTA will be looking to change it's structure (because feedback hasn't been happening) so it can be more dynamic in it's decision making. However the team selection will always never be perfect. Even if the EFTA decided to make the team up exactly how it liked on the day, there's bound to be those that do not agree. I'm sure someone who was bumped out of the team by someone cherry picked into 8th would like an adequate explanation that held some public scrutiny.

There is no perfect solution, there is just the least worst solution as applied to everyone. Fair and consistent. Everyone was made aware in the same way, everyone had the same chance, the rules apply to everyone. Come what may.

Sampled from the GP series the team would have been :

A Gillott (who is in the team)
M Hirst (who isn't)
J Wood (who is in the team)
A Calpin (who isn't)
M Stenton (who is in the team)
D Schofield (who is in the team)
K Gilyard (who is in the team)
I Jerram (who is in the team)

So there's 2 people in the Euros selected team, who wouldn't have been, one of whom is an ex world champ.

I think we should give these boys a bit of credit.
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