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Originally Posted by scruff View Post
i understand how the pcps have qualified...but how do springers qualify....does this mean if i shoot springer next year at the euros i will get a place over better springers who have not attended.
With springers it's simple. Because we asked beforehand who wanted to go, we knew there was only 6. And we had been told there would be 6 team springer places (like we knew there were 8 pcp team places). So we knew there wouldn't be a need to qualify for those places.

That's why we ask ahead of time who wants to go. It really does help us to know if there's something more we need to do or if the current situation suffices. Running any sort of a qualification wouldn't have changed anything. 6 people stated they would like to shoot springer before the worlds, there's 6 team places available.

In the future, I would say that in the event of demand for springer team looking like it would outstrip places, it may something like the PJC is used as a ranking, or the GP series, or we have to mandate springer shooters shoot springers at the Euros (which is like the PCP shooters) and I would say then that excess places would be issued pro rata to demand. Ie if there's 3x as many extras wanting to go as springer shooters then for every 1 springer shooter outside of the team we'd send 3 pcp shooters.

As there hasn't been any further dialogue on qualification raised with the EFTA since it was last decided upon, nothing has changed since then. That may change if the EFTA's proposed changes to its structure is accepted, but until then...

Hope that helps.
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