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Question please explain

Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Team England PCP (Subject to confirmation)

David Schofield* Team Member Confirmed
Andrew Gillott* Team Member Confirmed
Justin Wood* Team Member Confirmed
Ian Jerram* Team Member Confirmed
Mark Stenton*Team Member Confirmed
John Costello*Team Member Confirmed
Keith Gillyard*Team Member Confirmed
Mark Henson*Team Member Confirmed

Team England Piston

Steve Privett (Piston)* Team Member Confirmed
Brian Samson (Piston)* Team Member Confirmed
Rob Farnworth (Piston)* Team Member Confirmed
Rudiger Gerlach (Piston)* Team Member Confirmed
Neil Thornycroft (Piston)* Team Member Confirmed
John Farbrother (Piston)* Team Member Confirmed

Reserves who attended Euros

Des Edwards*
Andy Calpin*
Matt Hirst*
David Robinson*
Paula Schofield*
Sam Barr*
John Gray*
Josh Vaughan (Junior)*
Paul Gallagher*
Red Gallagher*
Paul Mangham*
Helen England*
Graham Jopson*
Martin Calpin*

Did not attend Euros

Kevin Sayers*
Mick Woodhead*
Steve Grimshaw*
John Chopping*
Colin Eaton*
Daz Ford*
Lyndeen Calvert*
Danny Webb*

Names of those that declined places, or did not respond to confirm, have been removed.

Many thanks to all those that did respond either way.

These team places are now final.
can you please explain how people have qualified even though they did not attend the euos...,.since i thought it was the only qualifying event.
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