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Default My gun was never broke, my pellets were?

Over the summer I have been having the odd pellet drop low (inch at 40 yards) costing me Gp targets with the old Njr and the mozzies.

I started using mozzies about two years ago when I switched from Jsb as i found I "Had" to weigh Jsb, there were so many light and heavey pellets that i only managed to keep on average 300-350 8.3 -8.5 Jsb per tin. As much as anything, i dont want to be weighing pellets!

Anyway, the switch to Mozzies saw flatter trajectory (set for 810 fps) and my scores start to creep up, when all was well.
Of late, things have been all over the place, nearly 80fps varience between shots and i dont need to tell you at 45- 55 yards thats going to make a difference.
I had put it down to the fact the Gun has not been served for at least 5 years and the cold weather is affecting it.

So, with a tip off from Holly (Thank You) i purchased a Tm 100 locally on sunday. I went and tested it before buying, consistancy was good, 10 or so shots for about 8fps, much better than the average of 25 fps i am used to with the Njr. Accuracy with the Mozzies was fine.

Put the Mk4 luep on the "New" Tm today and set up down the club in seemingly windless condidtions (bit of luck?), all fine apart from the difference between olympic trigger on the Njr and standard on Tm. When i got used to the Tm trigger, the pellets started going in the right direction.

So tonight back home i decide to chono (my little Combro) the "new" TM action. Set for 810 and with the new mozzies baught this morning (which i had used to set up) its pretty good at about 8 fps over 20-30 shots.
Even managed to adjust the trigger to give feel simular to olympic trigger, so happy days!

I then decide to check the Njr Action as the other day i turned it up and put a few of the falcon 7.3g pellets down the range at 845 fps. apart from being taken by the wind more at 45 yards plus, they were very accurate and a much flatter trajectory than mozzies.

Amazingly, the spread over about 20 of the falcons going down the NJR barrel was 6 fps??? I was Somewhat bemused, as I was convinced the reg was leaking / faulty /needs a service!!

Tried the "new" mozzies baught today, 20 shots = 12 fps??

Mmmm, try the old Mozzies (last tin), the ones i have been using through 2009, back to "at best" 25-35 fps and the odd shot pushing that to about 60 fps?

So, i am now thinking the Njr was / is not broke and that the mozzies i have been using through 2009 were crap, or at least not suited to my Njr? I tried them (the old Mozzies) in the Tm and got 20-25 fps spread.


1 / bin old mozzies, by all new in local gun shot.

2/ Set tm for mozzies (its got the scope on and is set up) and

3/then buy new scope for Njr and set with Falcon, for the odd days shooting when there is no wind!!

So, anyone recomend a fixed mag 35x sidewheel scope?
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