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Originally Posted by The Inkerman View Post
Excuse my ignorance on this matter, but in my opinion HFT is for the Hunter lads who want to get a cleaner kill & FT is for the one's who've had enough of killing things ! FT for me.
Your ignorance is indeed excused.

As far as I can tell, it is only a minority of HFT shooters who hunt. Both HFT and FT are about accurate shot placement, but in FT you can use technology to range your targets. When I'm shooting HFT I'm interested in, and only thinking about killing tin things. I'm sure there's some FT shooters who hunt

In my view Hunters can (and should, wherever possible) use laser range finders to help ensure accurate shot placement.

As far as I know the other main issues which hinders accuracy are trigger technique, follow through, hold and wind, and both disciplines are good for those, and thus practicing either will benefit the hunter.

When I'm hunting I sit whenever possible - certainly more than taking prone shots.

I'd like to try FT one of these days, but at the moment I'm too busy trying to get better at HFT! And I'm so busy shooting HFT that I seldom get time to hunt!
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