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Originally Posted by The Inkerman View Post
Excuse my ignorance on this matter, but in my opinion HFT is for the Hunter lads who want to get a cleaner kill & FT is for the one's who've had enough of killing things ! FT for me.
Originally Posted by RichWafta View Post
Wise words from that man
Well I'm a HFT shooter and hunter thats gone a bit soft, so I am not sure how I fit into that, and only shoot the odd few rabbits that keep collapsing the dykes on my little bit of land (that sounds wrong I know) ,and leave most other things alone now a days (except for Magpies and Crows).

I would like to shoot FT next to get my skills somewhere near my HFT standard on a good day, that's my next aim but taking shots sitting and wobbling seems hard work at the moment,(oh and beat Chris Cundey in the Hunter series next year) then I'll be happy. Sorry Chris!

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