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Originally Posted by roger View Post
HFT has brought many new shooters into our sport without the expense of FT rigs. it is interesting that in the South west many of the FTers now also shoot the HFT and visa versa. This can only be a good move in our sport. as some of the FT clubs of the past have struggled for new members but has now been boosted up by the HFTer. i personally shoot FT due to only being comfortable in the sitting position. but admire many who still try standing and prone but really groan when getting up after missing a shot. takes all sorts. found the poll results as even as the general trend in the South West clubs.
KR Roger
Roger, it was ever thus.

In 2003 or 4 Neil Rogers and I built the first HFT course at South Dorset which was run alongside the GP that was held. 1st place was Kev Jackman, 2nd me, 3rd Tim Findley. I also remember shooting a full HFT course at the OLD Buckley Wood ground back in 2000, so as far as SWEFTA is concerned the two disciplines have run alongside one another for quite a while now... and long may it continue.

As an aside, I shot the BW HFT course with a little break barrel 'ratting' Webley I had at the time... WRONG. The pukka shots were all using Pro-T's and the like with 6, 8 or 10 mag fixed scopes.
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