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Following on from Tench's comments about V notches in these pellets, I now inspect all pellets before lubing and using them.

I am seeing less with a notch in the skirt, but it is apparent that the skirts can suffer travel damage between H&N, Rothery's and your local gun shop, as the last tin I inspected (all from the same sleeve and the same batch) only had 1 with a split, but around 20 with dented skirts.

I have been in touch with H&N about this, and suggested they put a disc of foam in the tin, like the JSB made pellets have. They have come back to me and I have sent them photo's of some of the dented pellets, so we will see what happens.

So, if you are using or trying these pellets, inspect them before you use them, as the dented ones I have tested in three rifles all fly low, so they are OK for plinking or leading the barrel, but not much else.
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