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Originally Posted by rogb View Post
I know you're keen on camping Fred, but it is the middle of March, Premier Inn at Welwyn for 34 any good to you mate?

Thanks for the link, but way out my price range. The campsite which is linked in the other post will cost me 7.50 for the night. Petrol ontop will make it an affordable event.

So far I have every intention in doing all 9 rounds(already paid for them) plus the gathering/all comers which makes it 10 events, at an averange of 25.00 per night thats 250.00 for the year plus fuel ontop. I am on benifits as I am slightly disabled and cannot work.

All I will be doing is arriving late afternoon, find a chippy and then sleep in the car overnight (I have a estate) As long as I have access to a toliet I will be ok with my disability. Wake up do the shoot and then go home Sunday night to a nice hot bath.

Anyway Thanks for the link.

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