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Default Found 'em......(thanks people)

Turns out Ju was unable to find any scores for the classic, by the time she returned I had 'em here ready for her.....she also don't need 'ladies' after her scores for normal N.E.F.T.A comps as she doesn't regard being a lady-person as a disability.....and some of the lads from Ponte' are big girls blouses anyway!! (her words not mine) Dean mate, have you noticed the recoilers from Ponte' ? Rich Hood, first year hft...first comp recoiling..CLASSIC WINNER! Simon Batte...first year hft, SECOND overall this year. I rekon one of em's gonna take the win next year. They really have a 'professional' attitude to shooting, which I have, er..yet to develop. Julie came second at the classic against the recognised top lady shooters in the country,...but I don't really care...
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