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Originally Posted by JonH View Post
Hi mike. Just a question about your single reg on your hammerli. Is there an advantage in removing the first reg? As its a step down reg to 200bar and most people only fill theirs to 200 bar I'm assuming it's of no use then?


Hi John,

There's no real advantage to removing the first reg, it just shifts the weight back towards the centre of the rifle, there is quite a bit of weight in the first reg, and it all depends on what air cylinder you are using as well.

The reason I went to a single reg was that it started to drop reg pressure so I decided to take it a part to replace the seal's. easy you would think, well yes and NO! Trying to sorce the correct seals (90 pollyurathain) took some time and although you can get them in other forms they just don't last. Trust me I know! Also it was easier to set up the single reg than trying to balance the two of them.

One very important lesson learned DON'T REMOVE THE BEVILLELLE WASHER'S FROM THERE STACK. It took Vince Blackman 12hrs to get the stack order right due to different thickness of the washer's. And made even more difficult because you can't pressure test the reg.

When set up and running right I had a spread of just 6fps. But continually had problems after a week or two with it dropping pressure due to a seal falling.

Have now given up with the single reg for the time being after it failed on me at the Air Arms Shoot. Dumping all its air before I had finished on the zeroing range. I am now wating for a new reg from Germany to arrive. but I'm sure that someone out there could make a single Reg that would work.

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