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Originally Posted by Andy P View Post
Im not sure thats quiet true.? my thoughts are 0 means mixed.? i mean why would you start your first run with 0.? and i can tell you mine are not the cleanest ive seen from them.... i just dont know martin... whats your thoughts.?
I can only go on what he told me Andy, I have a batch of 0 and 1 on my desk and visually I'd be hard pushed to tell the difference as I don't have any scales or a micrometer. Both tins are clean and crisp.

It would make sense that 0 is the start as I've seen those automatic labellers on machines before and everyone seems to use 0 as the start batch not as 10 as those machines are always single dial. I don't think I've ever seen a batch as high as 9 either.

I've only just finished shooting my 2014 0 batch as I bought a ton of them so I've got nothing to compare them with Andy, sorry mate.
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