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What a weekend to end the season! A testing shoot at Millride on Friday to warm up, thanks to everyone there who put the course out, will defo be back next year for some of that. I won't be touching Jack's giant peddle again tho but at least I know my boots are bite proof

The Euro's is a strange one for us C Grade Bandits perhaps but you're never going to learn unless you turn out and there's no better place to learn how good you are at judging wind than Weston Park.

I remember when I first started and I'd get home with a face as long as a horse, my wife would ask how I'd done I'd reel off some single figure from a W/L. It's heartbreak and so frustrating, the more you learn to more difficult it seems to get and the internal dialogue can send you around the reticle! She never stopped asking and I never stopped turning out, it does get better.

That said, great to see a good turn out from the lower ranks and well done to my partner on the first day Ian Philips (C Grade Bandit) on hit a massive 81, just 3 points below some of the top lads, top bombing shagga. So there you go, don't give up, just do more and knock more down. See you at the W/L Bandits.

Well done to Mikey on winning the C Grade Bandits Golden Pot, great shooting fella and what a way to end the season for Peter Thorneycroft winning the Aston Chimps Europlean Cup 2015, well done mate you absolutely deserve it.

Thanks to everyone who put the work into the course's and running the event, big up Neil and Si, the stats girls and Shaun each and every time. To Air Arms for the food and drinks, plus whoever did all those cakes you're an angel, you saved me from spending 14 on a cheese burger. Cheers to Ian and Andy for the company going around and keeping me sane.

And finally, goodbye to the EV2 MK4.
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