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I too sent my own question to JSB direct shortly after this thread started, I got a reply this morning here's was I received.....

Hi Andy,

Thanks for your e-mail and question.

Let me explain the numbers (for example 5470014/0 4,52)
- 5 die number
- 47 personal number of the employee in quality control department
- 00 personal number of the employee in production who made the
pellets (00 means it is not known - more people participate on production of
that batch)
- 14 year of production
- 0 (or S0) manufacturing batch on the particular die (zero means
first batch after changing some tools)
- 4,52 head diameter

If you have any other question please feel free to ask.

Best regards,


Pavel Kolebac
JSB Match Diabolo a.s.
tel/fax: +420/596 033 251
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