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There was also a 'filler' story on the BBC breakfast news last week about 'gun ownership' and how a generic source warned that the 'lessons' from the Cumbria massacre haven't been learnt and how a similar incident could happen again.
Typical scaremongering rubbish that is actively promoted by the government to used to fill in news on a slow day, but amply illustrates the official stance on gun ownership in the UK which is already draconian in comparison to any other country.

On a slightly different tack for those interested in airgun licensing, my FAC has been on renewal since the beginning of August. Nothing new there except that all the paperwork had been in with the Police since early June; I phoned them a few weeks before the expiry date of my FAC as I was getting worried, to be informed that they 'might' get round to me by December and that a temporary ticket was on it's way to cover me until then.

So, add in an estimated 20 million air-guns to this licensing mess and they will be able to cope how?
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