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Had a similar story this week of ducks being shot and decapitated near a local fishing lake , bodies thrown in an area used by local children,
last week it was 55 year old lady jogger beaten in same area for no reason ,
Some times you have to look at the bigger picture, local issues politics , cry for help from local communities
you will never stop these people causing us bad press, some may be kids with access to guns thatll regret what theyve done later in life , or not
If you banned air guns from sale , years on you would still hear the same , used to hear same stories on cross bows when they came into use!
Shame we never hear more positive things raised from our sport , theres always charity shoots going on , cant say ive ever seen this in the papers tho and thats dissapointing,

Maybe we need press champions from our shooting bodies BASC, BASA or others if we havent already got them ,
Apologies if we already have

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