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What are you going to use it for? I am presuming HFT/general target?

Illuminated reticle is when all or part of the crosshairs or ladder reticle is lit up by a switch on the scope.

You will get a lot more for your money second hand, and there a lot of good scopes for that kind of money for HFT/plinking/hunting. Bushnell, MTC, some of the higher spec Hawkes would be decent bets but scopes are very individual as everyones eyes are different. Best bet is to get along to a local club and look through as many as possible.
Generally the more you pay the better the glass quality. You should get reasonably good quality glass and specification for that money. Bushnell Legend or Hawke sidewinders second hand or a new Hawke Panorama are all in that budget. My advice would be go for 40mm front end not 50mm as the scope will be easier to mount on medium mount and clear the barrel.

If you are looking at Field target scopes thats a whole different world.

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