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Default Angled article in SundayExpress.

I've just been reading an article by Stuart Winter in the September 20th issue of the Sunday Express page 58 titled 'Lets get shot(sic) of sadists who shoot our pet cats!
It goes on to datail the armed assault on cats by air gunners , with input from BlueCross,and Cats protection spokes people,references to the dismal Scottish Air weapons and Licensing Act 2015 and implimentation in England according to their consultation and " Cat Manifesto".
Shock was expressed that over 18 an Air gun could be purchased without a disguise or police permission.Comparison was made to the American gun lobby and further restrictions here (the panacea to stop air guns getting into the hands of) "Sadists".
Similiar to what the pistol ban "failed" to do,and continues to do so.
I'm not sure how to get the article link online perhaps some of you are more adept.
No opportunity to give an educated counter response either.
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