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Well as Ed said a few of us ad a strange knock up on the old course we drew team partners and then diff shooting partners and went on to shoot the course scores were !

1 Kev Brooks 55
2 Bill Birch 54
3 Gra Cole 53
4 Dave Freeman 52
5 Mik Mon aghan 52
6 Ginge Baker 51
7 Mitch Birch 50
8 Ben Underhill 45

teams were Kev & Gra total 108
Bill &Mitch 104
Mik & Ginge 103
Dave & Ben 97

well done Kev shot well mate ! and well Gra what can i say you had Dave 3 ways over the weekend mate you scream of delight said it all lol

All in all a really nice day spent with great guys !
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