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I wanted to say a massive public THANKS to Shaun and his team at the Euro's.

As someone who has not shot a Europeans in over ten years I'd like to say two things.

First, the courses were excellent, challenging without being intimidating and a test of shooter rather than mega equipment.

Second was the sponsored food and drink (thank you Air Arms). As a cyclist I know how important it is to keep sugar levels up and be well hydrated, the plentiful supply of drinks and munchies was a real surprise to me and something which showed a lot of thought. Now this may all be common place these days, but it I was extremely impressed.

So, once again, well done to all involved in a well run, enjoyable shoot, I know the four of us the were brave enough to venture out of SWEFTA for the weekend had a blast...even allowing for security sending one of our party round in circles for an hour on Friday evening... "no sir, not this gate, you need to follow this road / those signs to the next gate", "who sent you here sir, no, they were wrong, you need to go to that gate" etc.
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