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Originally Posted by Sake-San View Post
Can only agree that you should not take for granted the wonderful facilities etc that you are blessed with in the UK. I thought that I had convinced our local target club (powder off a bench and 10m air) to install a small HFT / FT course. They have the land, I offered to pay for the targets and to make available two guns (one HFT, one FT, appropriately scoped etc) for interested parties / young members etc. The initial thumbs up was then sadly revoked by the all powerful "inner circle". If truth be known the initial mirth of me turning up on the range with <16 joule air rifles to shoot out to 50m was rather swiftly curtailed when my targets were examined!.
I'm crusading to win a war not a battle so shall not be put off!.

My poor attempt at humour clearly touched some raw nerves, I truly had little idea that such divisions / attitudes existed, so to the offended parties an unreserved apology.

Safe shooting to you all and if any of you are in this part of France our private 10 lane course is very open to you
Good luck to you in introducing airgunning to your club Sake , we need to spread the word for all our disciplines , the better press air guns get the better

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