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Had my Pulsar for around 2 months and have taken it out every week on various shoots.
I opted for .177 in the forest laminate green and mounted the MTC Viper connect SCB reticule 12 x 32 on it.
The owner of the shop as a gesture of blowing 2350 gave ma a shiny new Hugget silencer which makes the gun one of the quietest i have ever owned and shot. I know this gun creates opinion some good and some pretty damning. From the day i got it home and zeroed it at 25 yards its not let me down , no odd flier.
Tried various pellets through it and currently use acupell which it likes, other pellets have to be pushed into the magazine with your little finger but the acupells sit nicely and index very easily.
Possibly going to try the H&N sniper medium which have a few write ups on the forum.
The gun is stock heavy as the rear as the motherboard for the electronics sits there just short of the adjustable butt plate . Once shouldered this dissipates and its extremely well balanced.
My only gripe being a leftie is i love to have the cocking action right handed which it is but you cannot move the cheek piece to suit a leftie without moving the cocking action to the left side !!!GRRR.
POI changes slightly from using or removing the suppressor. Firing cycle and lock time are excellent.
Deactivated the laser as soon as i could which is fiddly to set up and zero however this could be a useful aid to range finding. The rats ran a mile when i pointed and aimed at them with the laser on.
Use mine continually on Hi power ( theres 3 selectable power modes ) and on a 210 barr fill get a good 200+ shots.
If you can afford one buy one you won't be dissapointed.
One of the lads at Furnace was buying a Steyr till he tried the Pulsar. Soon changed his opinion.
Daystate MK4 Platinum with 6 x 24 x 50 Hawke Sidewinder.
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