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What bait do you need to catch an HFT fish?

None ... you don't even need to get the rod n reel out of the car. Just put the keepnet in the water and they'll keep jumping in.

Sheesh Sake ... you could have let them wriggle for a bit longer.

... bit rude tho' suggesting that HFTers aren't thinking men. You have to be able to think so you can count all those dots from the hinge plate to the kill/top of plate and then look it up on those charts ... and/or be able to download an APP that will then tell you what the range is. They even use rifles that don't take wind so that they can spend more time thinking about dots n range charts.

Like you say ... probably not as difficult or complicated as turning a big wheel until target is in focus ... reading a number off that wheel and setting that number on a turret.

... and relax ... I've found wearing women's clothing a couple of nights a week helps. Put on some lippie, a spot of rouge and a nice frock. Bake a cake. Do some ironing. Takes all that nasty testosterone out of your system for a while.

Go to any HFT or FT shoot and what's the thing that most will come away commenting on ... the banter. The p1ss taking. It's what blokes do ... at work ... in the pub ... in sport ... on the internet.

The days of FTers claiming HFT is dead easy and just bench rest shooting in a wood ... and HFTers constantly commenting about expensive scopes and fiddling are mainly behind us. Too many people have now tried the other option. FTers have found that shooting small kills on low mag isn't easy. HFTers have realised that the sitting stance isn't easy to master and 50x mag makes tiny wobble seem like an earthquake ... and wtf is happening to my pellet beyond 45y. So neither are as easy as folk think until they give them a go. Some people give the other a go and don't like it ... but most will have a better respect for the blokes that do shoot the other sport.

The lad was clearly taking the p1ss. He couldn't have put any more winky faces.

The war's over guys ( for most ) ... enjoy the shooting and the banter.

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