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Originally Posted by bow View Post

Sorry marti , I have correct you it was only 5 trophy s There weren't that many GPS to get 8. As for collecting them, there were 3 other people to consider at the time,some of them needed to be home. Sorry to disappoint you. I could say more but there's no need. Shaun Simon and the all at Bfta thanks for all your efforts. You've got it about right.
There's never an easy way.
Say what you want mate it's not a personal beef, it's something that happened last year as well and also in the W/L, so yeah it does wind me up!

If you come down from B on less than 5%, well you know where I stand and there's others that argue that your grade is your grade. For me personally I've gone up to B and wont ever be going back down to C regardless of what my % says.
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