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I'm in the process of reviewing a Hatsan Dominator 200W - underlever (don't laugh!) and I have to say I've been hugely impressed, stunned in fact, by what you get for 290.
Walnut ambi stock, scope rail for Weaver and/or dovetail mounts, patented shock absorbing system (seems to work pretty well), anti-bear trap. The Quattro trigger is superb

Less than 50 pellets through it and its grouping sub 12mm at 30 yards.

However, it is a bit graunchy to cock, and the trigger is slightly rough perhaps. But since most top level springer shooters seem to polish the internals of whatever gun they get, I'm sure these small issues would be quickly and easily addressed.

Would I shoot it in preference to my TX200 Mk2? I reckon if attended to as above it'd give the TX a damn good run for its money.

So add it to the list ...
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