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Originally Posted by RAIDER View Post
dont quite agree with the last post, there are plenty of able shooters in clubs who can test pellets. Not just the elite ones your on about.
Any way I have tested these pellets and my Steyr with exacts in a fair wind was 10mm off the HN mediums were about half. They also grouped well at the 55yd range. But I'm not a very good shooter!
Sorry Jeremy, perhaps I did not word it correctly.

What I was alleding to, was you as an "A" grade shooter are giving your review from your review and testing at club, but you Have AA grade shooters saying your taking rubbish

So what I was trying to get to was let the Top Aa try them. If they don't agree with you, so be it.
However, if a bunch of Top AA shooters start saying these are better than Jsb, your initial post /findings will surly be congratulated on highlighting the new find.
I would like to test some, but at the more controlled Tondu Pipe lane where I do all my testing.

Don't take it personally, there are plenty on here that have not tested things but know better than those of us that have!

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