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Originally Posted by shaun elliott View Post
HFT isn't really a new sport it's how FT started off back in 1981 with sporting air rifles and low power scopes and we were allowed to use any position we liked. I don't mind the rest of the rules you have, just the sitting one. I find it a little unfair on those that can't lay prone .
So it is a new sport then because you can't use any position you want.

There are many shooters who will struggle in the prone positions due to neck issues or back problems, especially on the raised/elevated closer targets. Just how it is I'm afraid. Prone as the main shooting position and height limitations on pegs etc is a major characteristic of the sport. So allowing people to shoot sitting would take away a main element of it's identity and basically would make it a step closer to just being a re-run of FT.

HFT does a great deal to allow disabled folk to take part. I've shot courses with people with one arm or one leg. Plenty of folk on crutches etc. It's just that prone as opposed to sitting is what makes it a different sport ( or a major thing ), so I doubt that will be allowed to be compromised.

Good luck and enjoy your shooting.
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