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Originally Posted by Conor View Post
What I find funny and quite strange is that the original poster who started this thread with a ridiculous statement hasn't been back to back up his ridiculous statements.

A pellet that doesn't move in an 8mph wind at 55yrds at 12ft/lb defies everything that Isac Newton discovered about physics.
You need to understand that wind is different in different parts of the UK. This is SW wind we are talking about remember.

Using the Goldstars you can just aim bang on up to 40 yards in any wind down there.

... and in the OP's initial post you will notice that Snipers were dead on at 55 in 8mph ... but the 8.44gr Exacts drifted a massive .... 10mm. An whole 10mm at 55 yards in 8mph wind. No wonder he needed to try and find another pellet.

We get very different wind in Staffs. It's that, sort of, blows your pellet all over the place wind.

Only having a giggle guys ... but please be careful what you post.

... and it's IsAAc Newton. IsAc Newton was a lower grade physicist and mathematician ( he was just as clever but he didn't hand in all his cards ... trophy hunting ba****d ).

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